If you need to buy a CB Radio for your Big Rig you probably want to spend as little as possible and get the best one for your money.  Staying in contact with your fellow truckers is still a great way to know whats down the road.  To do this requires a strong radio.  The strongest ones are the 10 meter versions. Check out our exclusive selection of TRUCKER-READY 10 meter radios
  Here at BIG RIG CB RADIO we carry only this type of radio.  For its power and modulation it is hard to beat, especially for the professional trucker.  Browse our inventory and be sure to check out the bundled packages for savings.  We have put together these packages that complement each other very well. 
  Begin your search by selecting a brand or type radio model into search. We offer same day shipping on STOCK 10 meter radios.
When it comes to high tech no other manufacture leads the way like stryker radios.  This innovator seems to know what customers are wanting in a 10 meter and just builds it.  If you are the individual that always drivers the newest truck model this radio is for you. The latest model SR-94HPC is a direct example of this type of thinking. You want be disappointed.
Loaded with features and power.  This brand made a mark on the 10 meter world.  Nitro knobs to green back lighting these radios were very noticeable.  Always in short supply.  Available with lots of power.  S series is the most popular.
When you start looking for a 10 meter radio you have to consider the Galaxy line.  This manufacture has been around the longest.  This manufacture is still making a quality radio that would appeal to the traditional CB operator.  They are still here when a lot have left the market.  The first line of radios that had a 2 year warranty.  That says a lot.
The most powerful version would be the DX 98VHP.  With 8 MOSFETs this is a super radio for the trucker that wants to be heard.
If you are looking at the connex line, you are probably looking for power.  Power with out compromise.  Customers are still looking for the 4300-300 and 4300-400 radios that have been discontinued for years now.  Explosive power with a killer echo system. A lot of these models have disappeared over time but still a strong radio for the power hunger consumer. Biggest seller would be the powerful CX 4600HP/TURBO.  At 100-150 watts this is a killer for those wanting a huge amount of mod.
Still a powerful 10 meter.  Solid made and for the 10 meter enthusiasts a winner.  Opened up with some performance enhancements and you can reach around the world.  Some model sport a lot of chrome which is hard to see the button labels. Looking for the most power in a production 10 meter.  You have to look at the RCI2970N4.  At 400 watts this is a worthy 10 meter.  Requires battery hookup to insure you are feeding the beast. A lot of customers use this radio as a base unit.  Add a adequate power supply and this radio will preform.  Don't forget the base antenna.
Line includes the famous General Lee mobile.  A trucker stable for those wanting just whats needed in a great 10 meter rig.  Still has the best sounding echo on the market.  Power is not as much but every bit is modulated driven.  A true winner for you big rig.
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When you purchase a 10 meter radio make sure it is ready to use out of the box.  !0 meter radio are not the same as CB radios.  They will not transmit or receive the CB 11 meter channels unless they are adapted to do so.  This is why "TRUCKER-READY" makes since.  If you need more power than what our radios can do, add extra power to your 10 meter with a Texas Star Amp.